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How To Design Your Own
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We translate your vision into your very own designed custom bottle

At BuiltInChina.com, we’ve streamlined the custom glass bottle design and manufacturing process into six straightforward steps, making it remarkably easy and cost-effective to bring your unique bottle ideas to life. With a legacy of product manufacturing in China dating back to 1973, we possess the experience and expertise to serve our customers exceptionally well. Our commitment to superior service sets us apart as the preferred choice among custom bottle manufacturers in today’s competitive market. Whether you have a simple sketch or a more elaborate concept, we can guide you through the journey of creating a world-class bottle effortlessly.

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The Sketch

The initial step in bringing your distinctive glass bottle vision to fruition is the design sketch. Even a simple sketch on a napkin has the power to transform into a remarkable, high-end glass bottle that leaves a lasting impression.

3D Rendering

Referred to as the engineering phase, we've had clients approach us, having expended substantial sums elsewhere, only to discover that the 3D rendering and engineering process can be efficiently and affordably handled directly through Built In China.

Building a Sample Tool

The mold or sample tool stage is a crucial point in the process. It allows you to see and feel your custom glass bottle for the first time, ensuring that your vision has been accurately translated into the final product. At this stage, you have the flexibility to request any necessary changes or proceed to full-scale production, depending on your preferences.


As your initial bottle shipment enters production, our dedicated team of trained professionals and meticulous quality control experts shift into high gear, ensuring that your order is crafted using the finest raw materials and held to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Minimum order is oen 40' Container or 22K-26K 750ml Bottles

Quality Control

We maintain multiple vigilant quality control teams throughout the production process, affording our customers a robust quality assurance guarantee that instills confidence in the ultimate product. Furthermore, we adhere rigorously to internationally accepted AQL Standards, which are embraced by both our customers and their distilleries, further reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Final Product

In a remarkably swift timeframe of just 90 days, starting from a basic sketch, we possess the capability to collaborate with both enterprising entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 titans, transforming their unique visions and designs into meticulously customized glass bottles. These distinctive creations become vessels that allow their customers to forge enduring memories, savoring moments of delight and distinction.

How much does it cost & how long does it take

Contrary to the perceived complexity, we have honed our craft over nearly five decades, making the journey far more straightforward than it may seem. With this wealth of experience, we are dedicated to providing unwavering support, guiding you meticulously through each phase of the process, ensuring your complete confidence and satisfaction.

3d Engineering

7-10 Days to do 2D or 3D Engineering

Production Tooling will take approximately 30 days after you give us the "OK"

Glass Production

Production will take approximately 20-30 days depending if it is one container or multiple

Shipping will take approximately 20-30 Days depending on your location

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